Low carb Cheese Crackers

You will not believe that these are made with just Deluxe American Cheese Slices. As they do not taste like American Cheese at all but more like Cheez-its or if you sprinkle popcorn (optional) they take on a different taste.

What you need:
 Either parchment paper cut to fit your microwave turntable or a silicone mat  mportant* Don't use wax paper and this will not work with the cheese food slices in wrappers.

Cut a slice into 9 pieces. Sprinkle popcorn cheese seasoning (optional) arrange on parchment or silicone mat on turntable of your microwave about an inch or so apart. Microwave 1.30 seconds or more depending on the wattage of your microwave. The cracers should be slightly brown. If they are still really floppy you need to micrwave a bit longer but they harden as they cool.

You can also put an entire slice in the center of the turntable whole once brown drape it over a wooden spoon in a big bowl till cool. This makes a terrific taco shell.